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“THE MASTER” 3D Movie.

Latest shots with limousine and Celine on a bicycle.

The Master – Louis Scarano and AJ Knapp. Latest filming – June – 2016

All shots are done with the Red Dragons and Leica lenses filmed at 6k! The real resolution is way too big for the internet (for now). Especially when I use the anamorphic lenses (non Leica) then the resolution is over 8k. That is always in 3D of course. Put some times slow motion from 120 fps up to 400 fps and you get the idea. At 8k you are over 10 times the resolution of HD and twice as much as what the 4k tv’s project today!


Oct 30, 2015. Spend few hours with amazing actors Celine and Louis. Awesome work guys! You rock! A new gallery will be here the next few days. Please keep confidential!



Oct 28, 2015. Filmed Louis with the Anamorphic lenses.

See gallery here!


Oct 23, 2015 The crazy lab first results are in 😉 2 crazy scientists are tracing the most genius chess players in the world. This is the first sample, is not by far not the final result. The final result will look way better.

This is an original 6k file. It looks really good in 3D, actually awesome!

THE MASTER. Short movie. Copyright 2015 Ted Amaradidis and The 3D Film Company. All rights reserved.

THE MASTER. Short movie. Copyright 2015 Ted Amaradidis and The 3D Film Company. All rights reserved. Lab scene. Jamil and Kunal tracing brain activity.



Test shots of one of the locations where I plan to film the introductory scenes of THE MASTER (performed by X and Phyllis).



Louis in the limousine.

Louis in the limousine.

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I did the final test yesterday and they came good. See it in Vimeo here.
Test for limo shot came good. Kunal running came good. In 3D and slow motion will look fantastic, can’t wait to film Louis and Celine. Everything looks good and next week I’ll apply for the permit. I need to work on the sound, limo and the screenplay shots one by one but that’s easy.


Aug 18, 2015. We met a new and talented actor Roberto who will ply in the first part of “THE MASTER” and took some test shots with Louis for the upcoming movie “MULTIVERSE“.  Roberto will be the assistant of the “wolf” ranger from TX in the assignment of his life.


Aug 17, 2015. Shots of Kunal, Luis. Testing locations in south east Florida. Kunal is a great actor and we are very proud to have him in our team.


Aug 16, 2015. filmed the final tests before the actual filming. Celine and Luis looked grrrreat!!


Today Aug 12 we filmed test shots for the movie “THE MASTER” with Luis (Bob) and Celine (Regina). Everyone is impressed with Celine. Her performance in this demanding movie is amazing. Also Luis is fantastic as “THE MASTER”.


Today Aug 7, 2015 we filmed in our green studios some great scenes with “THE MASTER”, Bob (Luis), Roy (Kunal) and James (Elti).
Great work guys!


Regina (filmed in the green studios) is riding her bicycle on her way to the park. She will meet “The Master” there and she will teach him and all of us a lesson. Or more than one lesson perhaps. And of course all in 3D!


We have the awesome opportunity to work with “Luigi” again on a second movie. Luis is a very talented/great actor and a real pleasure to work with him.

THE MASTER. 3D Movies You Can Touch!

In production. In 3D.


“REGINA” is a very young and very talented actress with a super bright future ahead of her. We are proud to work with her like all of our other actors as well. She has already proven herself in the big screen several times.


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